What are the Benefits to Vaping Lemon Flavored Ejuice?

Yellow Lemons

by Abhijit Tembhekar via Wikimedia Commons under CC BY 2.0

Lemon flavored e-juice is not only delicious, but also refreshing and, it turns out, beneficial to one’s health. These e-liquids use lemon oil extract to intensify the flavor of citrus fruits in the solution. Lemon oil seems to be a good choice for flavoring.

In 2006, a trio of Japanese researchers briefly exposed the mice to the aromatic vapors created from the essential oils of rose, lavender and lemon. They tested the mice using an elevated plus-maze task (EPM), a forced swimming task (FST), and an open field task (OFT).

The results of their study suggested that the inhalation of lemon oil vapors has anxiety-reducing and stress-relieving effects. The researchers also found that among the three types of essential oils that were used for the study, it was “lemon oil [that] had the strongest anti-stress effect in all three behavioral tasks.”

In another study, researchers investigated the behavioral, hormonal and neuronal responses of both male and female rats to their prolonged exposure to the volatile compounds found in lemon essential oil.

The rats were exposed to the lemon essence for 2 weeks while they were in their cage. Anxiety was then determined with the elevated plus-maze apparatus while nociception was evaluated with a phasic thermal pain stimulus (plantar test) and with a chemical pain stimulus (formalin test).

In addition the pain stimulus tests, the researchers also dissected the brains of the rats to measure endorphin concentrations in the hypothalamus and collected blood samples to determine the corticosterone plasma levels. The researchers determined that “long-term exposure to lemon essential oil can induce significant, at times sex-specific, changes in neuronal circuits involved in anxiety and pain.”

Both of the aforementioned studies used rodents as test subjects. While the lemon oil vapors that the animals were exposed to were certainly smaller compared to the essential oil vapors that humans would have absorbed, the results of the behavioral and physiological tests done on the rodents provided a sneak peek into what would actually happen to humans after vaping lemon oil for a long time.

For starters, the studies showed that lemon oil vapor has anxiety-reducing, stress-relieving, mood-enhancing, physically relaxing, and emotionally calming effects. So, if you were going to vape e-liquids with citrus flavors, then you’re most assured that the presence of lemon oil in the vapor would prove to be beneficial. Keep in mind, however, that lemon essential oil would have to be used within 10 months and it works best when combined with other essential oils, such as eucalyptus and lavender.

For additional research, take time to read this informative article written by a certified holistic health practitioner. It highlighted the efficiency of vaporized lemon oil in killing different types of bacterial strains and other airborne germs. The findings also implied that the lemon oil vapor retained the antibacterial effects of the citric acid.


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