7 Side Effects Associated with Vaping Ecigs

vaping side effects

We asked some of our blog readers to let us know if they’ve observed any side effects from e-cig usage. We also told them not to hold back – to tell us what they really think!

Vaping Side Effects

Before we get to some of their responses, here are some of the most commonly reported side effects of e-cigarettes.

  1. Coughing is common, especially for newbies who are using a powerful device.
  2. Sore throat has also been reported and is likely due to the e-juice ingredient propylene glycol.
  3. Vape fatigue or vaper’s tongue refers to losing your liking of a certain e-juice flavour, or worse, losing your taste for almost all food and drink. There are a couple of possible causes for this affliction including vaping the same flavour for too long or injured taste buds due to illness, smoking cigarettes, burns or a head cold. Some medications cause it, as well as a dirty atomizer or stale e-juice.

Now on to our readers – here’s what they had to report about e-cigarette side effects.

  1. “I LOVE vaping! My side effects are all positive. I can smell flowers and fresh cut grass, my food tastes better, and I smell better too.”
  2. “E-cigarettes can still make me cough if I’m not careful enough and if I don’t remember to do a long slow inhale instead of a quick cigarette gulp. I still love the real thing (sigh), but vaping gets me through the times I can’t.”
  3. “I had headaches when I first started vaping, but then I realized they were probably due to  quitting tobacco cigarettes cold turkey. The headaches went away after about a week and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been tobacco cigarette-free for almost three years!”
  4. “Sometimes when I vape I get a dry mouth, but it’s never bad enough to stop me.  A nice cold drink does the fix trick, and if it’s a beer, its even better!”

Overall, tobacco smokers who switch to vaping have suggested they enjoy an abundance of positive side effects, including health benefits, a better sense of taste and smell, improved lung function, and most importantly, cutting their risk of dying of tobacco-induced cancers to near zero.

How about you? What vaping side effects have you experienced? Tell us in the comments below!


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